Vincent MaGee (@vnprt) joins us on the PDX Black Rose Podcast. If you’re familiar with the local music scene in Portland you’ve probably seen Vincent around. Whether he’s DJing, building relationships with artists and business owners, or coordinating events for DUG, he’s steadily on the move. Even during times such as these where work seems to have dwindled, as he puts it: “ we've been bartering and we've been broke before all of this.” When it all falls down, Vincent relies on the relationships that he’s built over time and valuing the community above making money.” A Portland native, Vincent is a proponent of sticking to craft no matter what other people think, say or show (via the internet). He remembers the days of the 90s and early 2000s of tape cassettes and Napster where music and craft were more cherished and not as “easy come, easy go” as art put on the internet these days. Given his tone, Vincent could come across as old fashioned. But ultimately what’s behind his critical gaze is a desire for quality and elevating community and the craft of art, music period. 
Time Stamps: 
1:20 kids are grown. Works from home. It can really damage a co-spouse relationship 
3:30 The mind of an entrepreneur is different 
The best gift you can give someone is to be present: kids, spouse, etc 
5:00 I’m shifting out of the Hustle and grind, fake it till you make it can burn you out mindset. Focusing on family and self care 
8:30 Entrepreneurs need to know how to pivot, through dilemma to think about opportunities 
13:40 not a schmoozer, I don’t like people to bullshit me, tell me what you want up front and I’ll do the same 
16:00 IBWC: I have 3,000 women around the globe, Black Women in Stem 2.0, Mosaic Blueprint, I Urban Teen ( we serve over 8,000 youth) 
23:50 Believe in your ideas, Whatever I think of I move on, I was trying to fill a need, Being a Black woman founder 
27:30 Honored at White House as Champion of Change, missed an opportunity because we didn’t have a plan and strategy 
33:00 making sure we are each other’s keepers, 
What matters most is what you’ve done to help others, family and community over everything 
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