Torrey Dooley (@thehoodnurse) joins us on the PDX Black Rose Podcast for a great conversation about health and hip-hop, working in the medical field during a pandemic, and more. As a father, nurse, and entrepreneur, Torrey Dooley has been keeping pretty busy since the Coronavirus hit. Now working towards his masters as a nurse practitioner, Dooley finds himself back and forth from the hospital and home. His messages of health using hip hop culture is a passion for him and a way to spread health as wealth through the hood. Dooley started out professionally as an auto body technician. 
When Dooley’s knees took a hit from working under cars all the time, he had to have surgery. As Dooley recuperated, he began observing the nurses that cared for him. Being someone who found joy in caring for other people, and perhaps realizing that going back to work as a technician might put him in the hospital again, Dooley struck out on a new life plan - to serve his community through health and wellness.   
Time Stamps: 
1:30 Been busy, Father, nurse, entrepreneur, writing a book, 
3:50 hood nurse, maintain social media presence, health through hip hop terminology; inventor to create new products 
5:35 educating people on how viruses work, even though things are calming down people can still carry virus and still infect somebody, stay at the house and keep your distance 
12:30 pay it forward really works, sharing information, affecting someone in a positive way is the thing that matters/the healthy out community is the healthier I am 
14:00 used to be an auto body tech, had to have surgery on knees, started asking questions and intrigued by nurses, felt cared for by nurses, always felt joy helping people, love science and how things work, best of both worlds- income and joy of helping ppl 
22:00 get a new skill, Unity to create video games 
23:50 why do actors and people with money or fame get all the accolades, bringing a shift by appreciating things that really mean more, 
26:33 will be graduating from school - master degree as a nurse practitioner 
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