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Jasmine Streeter has had a love for animals since she was 11 months old. That was the first time her parents put her on a horse. From then on, Streeter was hooked whether it was dogs, cats, you name it. Her parents nurtured that gift and encouraged Streeter to think not just about if she would become a veterinarian but what she would do once she became one. So Streeter did take it seriously and in high school she began visiting vet schools and in college extending her learning into the summer. In her words it wasn’t easy. Streeter had to make sure she had the right mentors. After dealing with a guidance counselor who would oftentimes tell her she couldn’t do something, Streeter switched to a guidance counselor who did agree with her. Streeter is an optimist but also a realist stating, “ competition for veterinary school is steep and vets don’t make as much money as medical doctors so go into it because you have a passion for it.” One could say this directness was distilled from growing up in a military family or one could say it’s part of her job as a veterinarian – to create safe space for people to make tough decisions about the animals that they love.
Notable Time Stamps:
2:10 We’re learning a lot about ourselves and what we need to change
4:45 In the scheme of things money is very small. There’s energy and karma
6:48 It was a God given gift. Riding horses. Horses were my go to but loved dogs, cats, etc. My parents saw that I had an interest in it and they nurtured it.
8:46 Process of becoming a Veterinary, Bachelor of Science, Pre veterinary degree, Pre- med degree, I went to visit veterinary schools in high school and during summers
11: 20 Finances – If you go to in state veterinary schools it’s cheaper13:18 Find the right guidance counselors, applying for schools and making sure you have the classes...it’s up to you to find out the information and do it, success comes from our drive1
4:58 It’s hard and competition for vet school is steep, vets don’t make as much as medical doctors, go into it because it’s your passion, find a good mentor, have a plan when for when you get into school, be your own entrepreneur1
6: 50 Don’t limit yourself, I’m the people’s doctor, if I can provide you with knowledge and I can help you I will. Can I write a movie? Anything to let people know about vets and medicine...
18:43 We’re taught this altruistic behavior, We have to make sure we do self care and use resources to give ourselves rest and time, We’re not robots
21:06 I can still practice and do indoor gardening. You have to have something else to stay sane
21:55 I am working in urgent care and general practice, I work with dogs and cats as well as exotic animals – gerbils, hamsters, chameleons. In the past I worked in laboratory medicine. I learned how much I’ve loved interacting with people and so I’ve switched over to general practice,I’ve seen 68 pets in 1 day
25:05 You have to provide a safe space for people to make tough decisions. Providing care to the animals but also providing care for people
25: 55 Pets are expensive. Somebody said it’s like having a kid with no one to help you. People spend thousands and thousands of dollars a year. Most pets have pre-existing conditions because they are in-bred and insurance companies don’t cover that. Prepare for pets like you’re preparing for a baby
28:07 Have a saving’s account that you can put money into for a pet’s health. If you don’t have one hold off and watch movies, and visit your friend’s pet.
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