About Paula Hayes
Paula Hayes is a science geek, a fiddler, and a tinkerer. Hayes is also a product development chemist who knew that she had to be herself in whatever she did or it wouldn’t work out. So when it came time forHayes to pursue a degree in science, she still knew being a doctor or are searcher didn’t fit her personality. Then what?Fast forward twenty plus years later, Hayes is now the CEO of a cosmetics brand and manufacturing company.With entrepreneurial spirit in her blood ( Paula’s mother was head of an artistic firm), Paula struck out on what she knew and loved: makeup.Unlike other companies that don’t do their own manufacturing Paula and her team are hands-on and they are flexible. That being flexible came into play one day when it came into Hayes’ mind to make her own hand sanitizer and offer it to others. Since then she has had inquiries from hospitals, municipality groups, and more. In the words of her mentor, ‘ being flexible will be your best friend’ and Hayes is following through on that advice.
About Hue Noir
Hue Noir was founded by Paula Hayes, a product chemist and woman of color inspired by the challenge of finding quality cosmetics that complemented her complexion. Personally aware of the beauty industry’s limited makeup options for her and women like her, Paula embarked on a mission to rethink cosmetic formulas and put multicultural women at the center. Her goal was to create products calibrated to interact well with darker complexions and trusted for their consistent high quality.With her background as a chemist, Paula began to develop makeup formulas specifically suited to women of color. Today, we combine scientific-based research& development, custom-made manufacturing equipment, leading-edge light and color technology, and innovative luxury ingredients to design textures and shades guaranteed to work for women of color. With products ranging from hydrating lip butters to true-to-hue foundations, Hue Noir relies predominantly on natural ingredients for worry-free, everyday wear for even delicate skin. All our products are cruelty free, hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic.
Notable Time Stamps:
:10 Control the Controllable... I’m just plugging forward until I can’t plug anymore.
2:36 An early mentor told me – It’s about controlling the controllables, It’s important being comfortable being uncomfortable, being adaptable and flexible will be your best friend
4:07 I am a product development chemist, I am a science geek who loves to fiddle and make things and I’ve made a career of it.
4:35 Founder CEO of ...a cosmetics brand and a cosmetic manufacturing company. I do a little bit of contract manufacturing for other companies on the side
5:43 I knew my science major from day one but I had no idea what I was going to do. It wasn’t my personality to become a doctor or in a laboratory. I figured out how to do something that makes me happy
8:50 Grew up in LA. Went to Lewis and Clark College. Went back to LA to start career but I came back to Portland anyway
12: 18 It’s [Portland] a much easier place to network. I wanted to make sure we didn’t get caught in a bubble. I was fortunate to come back and still have friends here
15:20 Always been entrepreneurial. My Mom was super artistic and an entrepreneur and she had her own firm. I was very successful as a product developer. I remember being in my 20s and going to the store and seeing products I had worked on.
16:48 My company helped me get my MBA because I wanted to knowhow the business works.
17:06 These are products that I love and use. I recognize the problems_ it not being right for me or my skin color. Makeup is a complex part of beauty technology. It was something that people did not want to touch. I got tired of walking in the store and seeing products thatI worked on but not being able to. Most people don’t do their own manufacturing. I’m fundamentally taking a different approach to my industry.
19:05 The retail game has changed tremendously especially with the pandemic, etc
21:05 I am humbled. Two weeks ago when we first heard urgency about pandemic. I made my batch of hand sanitizer in the lab.
22:50 I’m going to start making hand sanitizers, begins to receive multiple calls about need. To be able to play a little bit of a role in helping people, it’s humble to know I have the skill and knowledge to be able to do this.
25:40 Adapting...I have been looking at expanding our product line to include more essential products. Would always sometime in the future.But it looks like it’s going to be today.
25:26Started to see a slowdown in January, from suppliers that go into products. Items from China were starting to slow up
28: 20 It’s not just me making a change. I’ve got staff members so I’ve got to be flexible and get people to move along with me. It can take a little longer, but we’re getting our footing. I have to look at a new normal
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