About Abriana McKinney
Abriana McKinney has always loved providing resources and services toher community, especially kids. While studying to go into health as a nursepractitioner, McKinney began mentoring kids through dance at MattDishman, SEI and a number of other community centers around Portland.McKinney was soon offered a position as a youth services coordinator atSEI connecting youth with opportunities, resources and information.Although it wasn’t a part of her plan, McKinney, being the spiritual personthat she is, saw it as an opportunity to go deeper into her purpose andpassion for youth and mentorship.Continuing her purpose for connection and following her passion for dance,McKinney founded a dance group to showcase her talents and those of herfriends. As she and her friends danced around Portland, they noticed thelack of opportunities and events geared toward black young people. Fromthere, her dance group morphed intoDamn Events,an initiative to createspace and good times for black millennials to come together. AsMcKinney’s purpose for movement, youth, advocacy and connectioncontinues on, find out more about where it will lead her next.
Notable Time Stamps:
1:14 COVID and kids, goal setting, personal one on one time2:22 Youth services coordinator. I connect kids with opportunities, Parents– Mentors – Teachers3:42 Always loved kids. Taught dance at Matt Dishman, SEI, CommunityCenters. Started a mentorship program at Matt Dishman. A position at SEIopened up. It wasn’t something that was planned. Planned to go intonursing8:26 Live Streaming Classes12:48 Facetiming my Grandparents

15:58 How do we still service the people that we love from home. We’regoing to start some things from Instagram18:08 My life has prepared me for this position. I’ve been through the thingsa lot of these kids have been though.21:55 Damn Events – started as a dance group. Curating events to bringtogether Black Portland ( like minded young professionals).24:10 Being Black in Portland can be hard: town of microaggression, thetown of passive aggression, helping one another25:45 Access to all the things going on in Portland is tough: industry, film,media, art
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