Brandon Lawrence joins us on the PDX Black Rose Podcast for great conversation about what it is like to move to Portland from New York and navigate the tech space as a consultant for popular brands and rising companies.
About Brandon Lawrence
Brandon Lawrence attributes the opportunity of working for Nike as apart of timing and luck. Coming from Mt. Vernon, New York ( a suburb ofNew York City), Lawrence grew up with a love for sneakers and fashion, and a dream to work for Nike one day. But Lawrence started out wanting to “follow the money” with intentions of becoming a financial advisor in college. With the changes on Wall Street around 2008, he changed his perspective and listened to his college roommate who suggested he get into web based applications. He followed this path up until an unknown company tapped him as a consultant on a project.That company happened to be Nike.Now Lawrence has been with Nike for 5 years as a consultant focused on application performance. But just like he listened to his college roommate and assessed the changing environment, he sees opportunities that are popping up all around in the cyber and technical environment. From his perspective, anybody can create an app these days just like a big company and the cyber security space is huge right now and not enough people are taking advantage of this. What does that mean for Lawrence? Listen in...
Notable Time Stamps
4:56 Been at NIKE 4-5 years, focused on application performance as a consultant, Can replicate what the average human can do but replicate it in bulk ( for Apps)
11:00 My college roommate was the one that introduced me to the right sphere of people, opportunities that were there
11:30 Security job markets are huge right now. Any cyber expert they are throwing money at you13:00 I always wanted to be a finance advisor. There were a lot of changes on Wall Street
14:20 Anybody can create an app just like a big company. We’re not taking enough advantage of that.19:00 From Mt Veron, NY
21:09 Wanted to work for Nike since I was a kid. Loved sneaker culture, fashion being from New York21:57 timing and luck; Didn’t know it was Nike until got the consulting gig23:40 coming to the west coast because it’s a nice scene, weather

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